Forex Algorithmic Trading System Review

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“The idea is straightforward: Computers take information — primarily “real-time” share prices — and try to predict the next twitch in the stock market. Using an algorithmic formula, the computers can buy and sell stocks within fractions of seconds, with the bank or fund making a tiny profit on the blip of price change of each share.” – NYTIMES.COM 29th July 2009

“Black-box trading systems, as they are known, are responsible for a growing percentage of market trading around the globe, including an estimated half of all United States stock trades and a quarter of worldwide currency trades.” – NYTIMES.COM 18th August 2006

“An explosion of computerized trading has helped drive volume on the New York Stock Exchange alone up by 164 percent since 2005. Stock exchanges say that more than half of all trades are now executed by just a handful of high-frequency traders, who use rapid-fire computers to essentially force slower investors to give up profits, then disappear before anyone knows what happened. High-frequency traders generated about $21 billion in profits last year, the Tabb Group, a research firm, estimates.” NYTIMES.COM – 5th August 2009

“High-frequency traders often confound other investors by issuing and then canceling orders almost simultaneously. Loopholes in market rules give high-speed investors an early glance at how others are trading. And their computers can essentially bully slower investors into giving up profits - and then disappear before anyone even knows they were there.” – NYTIMES.COM 5th August 2009

Algorithmic trading, Automated trading, or Black-box Trading is a computerised quantitative approach to trading financial markets i.e. an approach that uses mathematical formulas and models to come up with buy and sell decisions. By using well-integrated mathematical algorithms, modern systems nitpick economic information to reveal key market factors.

Originally used by collective investment schemes (in technical parlance we call it ‘investment funds’) like hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds to ensure profitability over equity trading, Algorithmic Trading has been applied to forex trading in recent years, making up 25% of worldwide currency trade orders (see above).

How exactly do these algorithms work?

Well, it’s a bit more complicated than your favorite Wii console. Algorithmic trading models fall into 3 broad categories, one bases its decisions or signals solely on rules of technical analysis, one simply makes inter-market (say, between forex, equity and securities market) statistical comparisons and the other makes decisions by feeding on fundamental economic data. We agree, the idea of computers understanding and analyzing societal affairs might be quite inconcievable. Yet this is made possible through electronic financial market news feeds specially formatted for the appetite of algorithmic computers. The heat rises as firms brainstorm means to assign human emotions to these forex algorithmic trading robots, so as to heighten accuracy in their observations.

To implement trading strategies, the engineer adjusts, in instructions to the forex trading algorithms, the following elements:

Total trade volume at any amount of time - Part of the algorithm’s accuracy relies on the order volumes. This is because large order volumes at any one time have the potential to affect the market (thus causing ‘market impact’) and thus taint the aggregate calculations of the algorithm. The forex trading algorithm can be configured to achieve this through different techniques. Examples are like ‘iceberging’, which involves slicing the orders into smaller sizes, or ‘Participating’, which calculates the most congruent proportion of the trading volume which can be traded without causing jerks to price trends.

The time to order - One celebrated strategy is that of the ‘low-latency, high frequency trading’
The price to order at - This is achieved by the analysis of the available information

Appended is a list and review of all the Forex Algorithmic Trading Softwares you can ever find in the market. The best thing about these products featured here is that they are downright CHEAP. You should see the systems those collective investment schemes use (how much do they cost? Definitely not affordable by average joes like you and I!) It seems, through the advent of the Application Programming Interfaces (API), forex trading algorithms could be easily made. It is the trading strategies, which cost a bomb. Cost is saved also because these forex trading algorithms are written only as add-ons to existing brokerage trading platforms, that is, you are only buying the algorithm, not a trading platform (which is given free by all forex brokerages).

Mark Galant, Chairman and Founder of GAIN Capital Group reports, “The black-box refers to the proprietary quantitative formula used to generate the trading decisions. Data goes in, trading signals come out, and what’s inside the black box, no one knows.”

We agree, and hence refrain from playing guru here. The most we can say is, the structural make-up and imbued formulaes of the Forex Algorithmic Trading Systems featured here probably differ according to the individual proficiency and trading habits of their creators. Somehow, we believe that if you are one of the Big-Dawg traders and have the time, you might benefit more sticking to your own formulas.

That said, because their creators are professional and experienced analyst themselves, these Forex Algorithmic Trading Systems might probably be a God-sent for the amateurs. Learning the ropes of Forex trading analysis doesn’t exactly qualify as a walk in the park, and having an expert forex trading replicate algorithmic robot to help execute trades might just be what the beginner needs to earn a modest fortune. Furthermore, even if you have mastered the essential techniques, we project that it’ll take eternity (if it’s really possible) before you can execute them as fast and precise as a Forex Algorithmic Trading computer would.
Just like what one of the users replied upon interrogation by NYTIMES.COM: "We move faster, smarter and understand risks better than other investors. …… As long as everyone is subject to the same rules, I'm not concerned. Profits have always flowed to whoever dominates the marketplace, and we have a technological advantage that it costs millions to match."

In fact, one can feel secured purchasing the algorithmic trading softwares here. First off, upon attached to forex trading platforms, these forex algorithmic trading softwares can be tested against past market prices, to gauge their forex trading prediction accuracy and profitability. Second off, the facilitating merchant offers a 56 days money back guarantee.


Hence here we list the prices and links to all the Forex Algorithmic Trading Systems available on the world wide web.
Yet before that, we find the urge to write a review for our favorite three -The Megadroid Forex Algorthmic Trading System, the Auto pilot Forex Algorithmic Trading System, and the Supra Forex Algorithmic Trading System. It is sufficient to say that these are some of the most trustworthy Forex Algorithmic Trading systems in comparison to the heap of choices one can find in the market today

Review of John Grace and Albert Perrie's Megadroid Forex Algorithmic Trading System Megadroid Forex Automated Trading System
We admit that sometimes it is difficult for us to appreciate the marketing efforts of these forex experts. The creators of the Megadroid Forex Automatic Trading System claim that they have invented the Reverse Correlated Time And Price Analysis (RCTPA) “Technology”. We got one Megadroid Forex Algorithmic Trading System and dismantled the code to find out that the so-called technology does not differ much from its competitors. However, we thought it equitable to give the creators of this algorithmic trading software some credit. Being old hands at forex trading, John Grace and Albert Perrie had been testing technical analysis theorems for 12 over years together. It’s pretty easy to understand their trading strategy of a reverse correlation between time and price. After all, the first lessons we learn in economics class are regarding economic growth and inflation. The average trader’s attempt to clearly define the theoretical ambits of the reverse correlation system, however, would probably turn out to be a search for the Crabby Patty Recipe in the great waters of Bikini Bottom. Furthermore, the RCTPA forex trading strategy was actually designed to work during different market situations. Hence we applaud these two veterans for their foresight and profit-making forex algorithmic trading strategy. What they are offering, is undoubtedly a cut about the rest.
Megadroid Forex Algorithmic Trading System Main Site Main Site

Review of Marcus Leary's Forex Autopilot Algorithmic Trading System
Forex Auto Pilot Algorithmic Trading SystemMarcus Leary's Forex Autopilot Algorithmic Trading System was one of the first algorithmic trading softwares to be found on the internet. Though they’ve got a ‘TURBO’(i.e. the FAPTURBO Forex Algorithmic Trading System displayed below) version for this, we feel that the classic version of the FAP Algorithmic Trading System is already effective enough for short-term strategies (frankly speaking, we like it more, partially because it’s a 100 bucks cheaper). A notable feature of this algorithmic trading product is that it offers 3 different algorithmic trading softwares. The main algorithmic trading software harnesses electronic information for both fundamental and technical analysis, whereas the other two algorithmic softwares are written to cater for extremists who are either solely on the technical analysis or fundamental analysis side. They also offer a bonus of USD500, but we suggest you don’t look forward to that, since the fine print says that the offer only applies after you’ve completed 40 full lot closed trades within first 60 days after buying the product. Nevertheless, we verify that the variety of forex algorithmic trading softwares offered is enough to get you blinging.
Forex Auto Pilot Algorithmic Trading System Main Site Main Site

Review of Elliott Pearce's Supra Forex Algorithmic Trading Signals
Supra Forex Algorithmic Trading SystemWhat the Supra Forex Algorithmic Trading System lack is an automation code. However, Elliott Pearce's Algorithmic Trading System compensates by the accurate algorithmic signals that they give. We rank this as one of the top three because of the freebies that comes along with it. Firstly, a 143 page ebook that orientates and educates the beginner trainer. Secondly, ther is another booklet to train you on the mechanisms of technical and fundamental analysis. Plus, a short text on all the necessary pitholes an amatuer trader should look out for. Lastly, a financial success book that reveals the software creator’s underlying principles to ensure profitability and financial success in any trading market. We genuinely recommend this one to rookies who are still trying to get used to the confusion between ‘asking’ and ‘bidding’. But if you are good enough to challenge the big boys already, then perhaps the first two would do just fine for you.
Supra Forex Algorithmic Trading System Main Site

We list the remaining of the Forex Algorithmic Trading Systems which are for sale on the net. Although they are not really products which you would talk about in cocktail parties, we thought it convenient for you to use them as comparables.

FAPTurbo Forex Auto Pilot Turbo Algorithmic Trading System Main SiteFAPTURBO Algorithmic Trading System at $149.00

The Forex Raptor Algorithmic Trading System Main Site The Forex Raptor Algorithmic Trading System at $97.00

The Loophole Forex Algorithmic Trading System Main Site

The Loophole Forex Algorithmic Trading System at $77.00
Profit Code Forex Algorithmic Trading System Main Site

Profit Code Forex Algorithmic Trading System at $67
Forex Hitter Algorithmic Trading System Main Site

Forex Hitter Algorithmic Trading System at $49.95

Auto Money Forex Algorithmic Trading SystemAuto Money Forex Algorithmic Trading System at USD104.85

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